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"FOOD/GROUPS" (Prime Video)

(2017 - 2018) Field Producer, Story Producer

A docu-series based on the deep, delicious relationships between different communities, and the cuisines by which they define themselves. I worked on a small team to produce seasons 1 and 2, traveling the US for two years, on the stories at the heart of different American culinary subcultures. The series is hosted by James Beard Award Winning Journalist Dave Infante, produced for Thrillist and now streaming on Amazon Prime. Season 2 was nominated for a Webby award. 

Yes, this was the best job ever. It's hard to pick my top memories, but I'll try:

  • To honor 100 years of the "Garbage Plate", the minor league baseball team of Rochester, New York transformed a single season game into a high-voltage celebration of the greasy dish. 

  • Taking part in the sacred practice of harvesting wild rice with the White Earth Ojibwe tribe in northern Minnesota -- never by machine, always by hand.

  • Learning that Detroit-style pizza is better than Chicago. Fight me.

  • Teriyaki sauce was pioneered in Seattle in the 70s and for decades thrived as a cheap alternative to franchise fast food. But with rapid city development and gentrification, those shops are quickly disappearing.

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(2018) Field Producer 

The 2018 midterm elections saw a record-number of women who made history by running for all levels of political office. For Huffpost, I profiled the personal backstories and motivations behind twelve of those candidates. I traveled the US, embedding myself in a range of campaigns - from the high-level federal congressional candidates like Deb Haaland to an 18-year old city council candidate running in her hometown.

Some of my favorite stories include:

  • My profile of active Secretary of the Interior, Deb Haaland, in her 2018 race for Congress. Haaland went on to become the first Native American woman elected to the House of Representatives.

  • My profile of Jeannine Lee Lake, the Christian democrat who challenged Greg Pence in a congressional race in rural Indiana.

  • My profile of Hadiya Afzal, who ran for local office at age 18, making her one of the youngest candidates in US history.

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"ICYMI" (HuffPost for Roku)

(2019) On-Camera Field Producer

As an on-camera reporter, I reported stories at the intersection of news and pop culture for “ICYMI”, Huffpost’s weekly Roku show from 2018-2019.


My favorite stories include: 

  • My interview with Lorena Bobbitt and the HuffPost reporter who broke her redemption story - a story that led to a feature documentary revisiting her unfair past.

  • My interview with HBO’s Emily Meade, the actress who first advocated for an Intimacy Coordinator on “The Deuce”.

  • My exploration of the question, ‘can anyone really run for office?’. I profiled Justice Democrats, the team that propelled AOC into office, as a way of examining the story of a New Jersey resident who ran for senator of Alaska, despite never having stepped foot in the state. 

  • My spotlight of Latinx entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry, including fine dining chef Miguel Trinidad who runs a secret cannabis pop-up in NYC. 


Thrillist for Amazon Prime - Producer

This comedic docu-series follows pizza enthusiast Scott Wiener along in his attempts to appeal to pizza purist Mark Iacono (head chef of Lucali in Brooklyn). Scott brings Mark novelty pizzas from around New York, sparking an endless debate over the true definition of pizza. (2018)

NBC - Assistant to the Producers 

As the assistant to the producers, I coordinated all aspects of production of the prime-time TV event, which was part-concert, part-documentary. It was produced in partnership between Saturday Night Live and Maya & Marty. (2015)

CBS - Late Show Writers' Intern 

As the 2014 Writers Intern (only the second-ever female in the show’s history!) I assisted the writing staff on daily show production. Upon Dave’s 2014 retirement, I was approached by the head writer, Matt Roberts, to assist him on his new sketch comedy show at NBC, Maya and Marty. (2014)

NBC, Saturday Night Live - Assistant to the Executive Producer

As the assistant to the executive producer Matt Roberts, I was the late night sketch comedy show’s first hire. I worked closely with Matt to hire a fleet of writers, producers, supported Matt in his crafting of the show’s tone and identity. I worked closely with the Saturday Night Live production team to kick-start our own production office. (2015)

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