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Julie Piñero

Brooklyn, New York

Since 2014, I've worked across multiple formats of storytelling. I started as an assistant at the Late Show and Saturday Night Live, then pivoted into journalism, producing my own video docs at HuffPost and Thrillist. I now produce narrative podcasts for outlets like Audible and iHeart, while also performing my own long-form, immersive comedy around Brooklyn.  

My mission -- across formats -- is to push the boundaries of format and expectation. I like it when funny stories have emotional depth, or when serious stories crack tension with a joke. 

I'm best known for my 2021 solo show "Delejos (from afar)", which explores the humor of grief. It was covered by the LA Times, Insider and Playbill, and an interview I did about it on the podcast "Good Grief" was named one of Spotify's "Best Podcast Episodes of the Month". I was approached by an editor at New York Times Opinion to adapt it into an audio op-ed for the series "First Person". My style of performance, seen in both "Delejos (from afar)" and my 2023 solo show "Hum" were profiled by the Smithsonian Channel in 2023.

Most recently, I produced the 2024 podcast "Who Killed JFK" with Rob Reiner and Soledad O'Brien for iHeart. It sat at #1 on Apple Podcasts for 2 weeks.

When I'm not working, I like to swim laps, play guitar, dance salsa and try every last slice of pizza the city has to offer.



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